123Movie: How Legal Is It to Use the Site?

123Movie: How Legal Is It to Use the Site?

Millions of people worldwide use 123Movies as their source of free movies, series, etc. They get to stream their favorite ones without registration, email sharing, etc. Just a few clicks and you are all set. However, there are a few risks involved. Let’s find out more about the legal side of the issue and a safe way around it.

How legal is it to stream movies on 123Movies?

Well, just like on most similar platforms, it’s illegal to stream pirated movies. You break the copyright laws and can be involved in some troubles. It mostly depends on the region though. While some countries are vividly against such services, others keep ignoring the fact for the time being. Germany, for instance, is very strict and will definitely start with sending you a fine to pay.

The simplest solution you can make is to switch to an allowed streaming service like subscription-based Amazon Prime or Netflix. However, if you prefer to keep using 123Movies, it’s better to secure yourself first. In this case, you need a VPN. Get the most reputable and trustworthy provider. It delivers numerous advantages including the increased security, complete anonymity, the lack of geo-restrictions, etc. When a VPN is on, your IP address is hidden and the data gets encrypted. That’s why no one will be able to trace the online activities back to you. However, make sure the company has a no-log policy and sticks to it. Otherwise, it might store your online activities and share with other agencies.

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