OpenloadFreeTV: alternative to Putlocker with good categorization

OpenloadFreeTV: alternative to Putlocker with good categorization

If you are looking for a site where you can find different categories of movies to browse through, OpenloadFreeTV takes this feature to a whole new level (unlike Putlocker and similar “lazy” sites).

Why it’s fun to use OpenloadFreeTV

First, you can browse by year which can be a refreshing option when you just want to watch some flicks but you don’t want to moor yourself down in going through various genres and ratings.

Second, there’s different types of categories at the top bar, like Bollywood, Korean, Oscar Winners, Random and others. These are very unusual categories as compared to other similar free platforms for movies and TV shows, and these can help you tap into new exciting sub-worlds of global cinema you’ve been looking for.

Third, at the movie’s page you’ve got both IMDB and TMDB ratings which can quickly assure you that this movie is worth your attention because large numbers of viewers like you would never give high ratings to bad stuff.

When watching, you can adjust the speed and switch on subtitles whenever they are available for specific movie titles.

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