The Legal Aspect of Streaming Films on 123Movies for Free?

The Legal Aspect of Streaming Films on 123Movies for Free?

123Movies is one of the most popular websites which allow streaming films, animated movies, TV series, and various shows free of charge. Many people use it on a daily basis without even thinking if it’s legal. Yet, there are a few risks involved. Let’s find out more about them and some ways around the issues.

Is 123Movies legal?

The simple answer is no. The site has pirated movies which goes against the copyright policy. As a result, it’s illegal to stream movies on 123Movies in most countries. Some regions have very strict rules and in Germany, for example, you are sure to have to pay fines. There is a way you can avoid that, however. Get the top VPN and hide your IP address. This way the activity won’t be tracked to your doorstep. Moreover, the top providers have a kill-switch and a no-log policy which protects your anonymity.

How to make it even safer?

While a VPN focuses on the location and protection of your data, you still get tons of pop-up windows and ads that lead to all sorts of suspicious websites. They are not only annoying but dangerous, too. In order to minimize their number, you should get a dedicated extension which will block ads and popup windows. Moreover, your antivirus software must be trustworthy and up-to-date to prevent malware and infections from getting to your PC.

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